The Ghosts In Our Machine

The Ghosts In Our Machine

Austrian premiere!
Liz Marshall
US, 2013, 92 min
English OV
Filmgespr├Ąch mit
Veronika Koren (Verein gegen Tierfabriken)
Friday May 30th - 18:00

The Ghosts In Our Machine illuminates the lives of animals living within and rescued from the machine of our modern world. Through the heart and lens of award-winning photographer Jo-Anne McArthur we become intimately familiar with a cast of animal subjects. Each story and photograph is a window into global animal industries: Food, Fashion, Entertainment and Research. All part of an epic photo project called We Animals, McArthur has documented the lives of animals around the world with heart-breaking empathic vividness.

The Ghosts In Our Machine charts McArthur’s efforts to bring wider attention to a topic that most of humankind strives hard to avoid: Are non-human animals property to be owned, used and killed, or are they sentient beings deserving of freedoms and rights?

„There's a logic at work in the motivated, morality-jarring animal-rights documentary “The Ghosts in Our Machine”: If animals have emotions, and if we see that human actions cause them sadness, anger and fear, then we will become moved to help.“  - The New York Times

„A superb example of committed filmmaking“ - Now Magazine

„…this is a haunting, yet beautiful movie that I highly recommend you see on the big screen.“ Tracy Baim, The Huffington Post

„Moviegoers will find The Ghosts In Our Machine a documentary that teaches with love, about respect and understanding for all animals; including humans.“ - Examiner

Planet in Focus 2013: Best Canadian Feature
Hot Docs 2013: Top Ten Audience Favorite
Aware Guide: Top Transformational Film of 2013
Yorkton Film Festival 2013: Golden Sheaf Award - Best Documentary Nature/Environment
DMZ Docs: Special Jury Prize International Competition