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GMO OMG explores the systematic corporate takeover and potential loss of humanity's most precious and ancient inheritance - seeds. Celebrated ... - [mehr]

Growing Cities
Growing Cities examines the role of urban farming and asks how much power it has to revitalize our cities and change the way we eat. In their search for ... - [mehr]

In Real Life
In Real Life asks what exactly is the internet and what is it doing to young people? Taking us on a journey from the bedrooms of teenagers to the ... - [mehr]

Last Call
40 years ago a book shook the world. The Limits to Growth became a best seller worldwide. It was based on a report by a team of brave scientists from ... - [mehr]

Life in Paradise
Die Bewegungsfreiheit des größten Teils der Weltbevölkerung ist eingeschränkt durch Grenzen und Gesetze. Am liebsten wäre es den Privilegierten ... - [mehr]

Lion Ark
More action adventure than traditional documentary, Lion Ark follows the world's most ambitious and daring animal rescue, with a narrative ... - [mehr]
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