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Live And Let Live
Immer mehr Menschen zweifeln daran, ob es richtig ist, Tiere zu essen. Lebensmittelskandale, Klimawandel, zunehmende ethische Bedenken ... - [mehr]

No Land No Food No Life
In her hard-hitting new film Amy Miller explores sustainable small scale agriculture and takes us deeper into agricultural land grabbing and ... - [mehr]

When Israeli activist Ofir Drori discovered that no one was fighting to disprove Jane Goodall's dark prophecy that great apes in the wild would soon be extinct ... - [mehr]

Out Of Society
Was bedeutet es, bei vollem Bewusstsein und aus ├ťberzeugung einen Schritt zu wagen, von dem es keinen Weg mehr zur├╝ck ins ÔÇ×normale LebenÔÇť ... - [mehr]

Stop-Over (L’Escale)
Stop-Over offers an intimate glimpse of life in limbo for a group of undocumented migrants from Iran. The film opens with the arrival of Mohsen ... - [mehr]

The Ghosts In Our Machine
Are non-human animals property to be owned, used and killed, or are they sentient beings deserving of freedoms and rights? The Ghosts In Our Machine ... - [mehr]
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